Benefits Of Outsourcing Web Development Projects

One question we hear a lot is whether outsourcing web development projects is really a good idea. So much has been written on the benefits of building out your own team and operating through a shared company vision & culture, that some business owners are scared to trust such key work to a complete outsider. Yet as flexible working becomes more popular, it may soon be the case that only a handful of talented developers are available to work in-house – particularly for smaller brands. The good news is there are some standout benefits of outsourcing your web development and the level of service when working with freelance web developers is improving. Let’s look at a few reasons to be optimistic about this trend.

Development Fit

Web development is a broad church and there are far too many programming languages and available CMS platforms to mention. One of the key benefits of outsourcing your web development is that for each project you can select a developer whose skills & background fit the required work. There will always be basic dev work that most developers can complete however for specialist projects it’s better to get an expert in that field. For example, if you’re creating your companies first mobile app then using an app developer is the way to go, similarly if you wanted to create a brand-new client login area for your site then you might need a SharePoint or Java developer. Related benefits include:

  • You get much better advice during the planning stage of your project when using web design contractors who specialise in that given area.
  • In-house developers can get frustrated by being asked to complete work they are unfamiliar with.
  • Your project gets underway quicker, as there is no need for re-training or for a developer to intricately research how a project needs to be coded.

External Developers Are Available

This could be the #1 reason why you should outsource web development, because if you are relying on bringing someone into the business – then you could be waiting a long time.


Development Skills are one of the most demanded skill sets companies are looking for and the competition is fierce. Even if you start preliminary conversations with a potential developer, it could be the case that you are competing against many other companies who are also interested in that potential employee. When working with freelance web developers, it’s much easier to find credible partners to work on your project and for them to commit a portion of their time to your company, rather than all their time. You also benefit from:

  • Skipping lengthy & often frustrating recruitment processes which may not result in a hire.
  • Being able to pro-actively seek the best external developer or company for your project, rather than spending money on advertising & hoping the right person applies for your role.
  • Having a bigger range of options when using web design contractors, as you will typically work with developers based anywhere in your home country or even offshore. This means there are simply more people to target than someone who is located within 60 minutes of your workspace.

You Can Make Huge Cost Savings

Another benefit of outsourcing your web development projects is that there is a substantial amount of money to be saved. It’s well documented that offshore teams in places like Poland & India are far cheaper than most western countries however even outsourcing on a near-shore basis can easily cut costs by around 20%. This is because when you outsource you typically pay on a project-by-project basis with your development invoices being broken down by the tasks that were completed. This keeps everything task-focused, and means you are not paying for empty hours that were not actually used to complete your project. Cost savings stack up because:

  • You often pay a pre-determined quote price for your project, meaning costs won’t spiral above that. You won’t have to pay an hourly fee whilst an employee corrects mistakes or takes time off work.
  • Using web design contractors is a credible business expense, which enables considerable costs savings over hiring someone full time. You wouldn’t have to pay for any equipment hire, income tax or employee pension contributions.
  • Replacing good internal developers is hugely costly and a regular occurrence. Working with freelance developers is likely to be a much longer-lasting relationship than hiring someone in-house and longevity is one of the most beneficial reasons why you should outsource web development.

Greater Business Focus

When you outsource web development projects you should be aiming to work with smart companies or individuals with a strong track record in what they do. This should be a calming influence, as you remove the pressure from yourself and place it with an outsourced partner who is getting paid to do a good job. This can be a liberating experience both in time & effort, as your only concerns moving forward are providing the outsourced partner with a solid development brief & making sure they are executing to the agreed timeline. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Freeing up time to be able to dedicate to important non-development issues concerned with your business.
  • Removing the need to dedicate resources to training & development, office space, promotions, and man-management.
  • Removing the stress of having to find a talented developer for your in-house position and not having to weather a period of inactivity – if that process takes longer than anticipated.

We hope you enjoyed some of these powerful reasons on why you should outsource web development. Of course, if the right person just happens to show themselves at the right time – then you might want to reconsider. However, in the convoluted digital world we operate in, this is often a rare case.