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6 New Tactics For Marketing Your Dental Practice

When creating a marketing plan for your dental practice, you have to keep in mind that not many people enjoy their trip to the dentist. You’re much more likely to attract the attention of potential customers when they have a pre-existing need for your service, and this should feed into your marketing. Here we’ll discuss...
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Online Customer Service Best Practices

Sometimes we are so focused on winning new customers that we forget what we already have. By improving online customer service, you are taking an important step to ensuring your customers stick around for the long-term & continue to contribute to the bottom line. This article explains our favourite online customer service best practices and...
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Benefits Of Outsourcing Web Development Projects

One question we hear a lot is whether outsourcing web development projects is really a good idea. So much has been written on the benefits of building out your own team and operating through a shared company vision & culture, that some business owners are scared to trust such key work to a complete outsider....
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7 New Tactics For Marketing Your Gym Business

If you get your marketing right, your fitness business should flourish in this new digital world. Typically, gyms have access to great in-house video content, inspiring success stories and growing email lists of subscribers & member referrals. This is all fantastic stuff, but it does mean a lot of gyms get stuck using the same...
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How To Select A Credible Online Business For Acquisition

Acquiring someone else’s web business is a high risk-reward strategy. In most cases it doesn’t end particularly well and there are often a few regrets along the way. The goal for buying an established online business usually falls into two areas: Someone can see that a profitable website is for sale and they want to...
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Understanding Bot Traffic & Fake Advertising Clicks

The growing surge of fake advertising clicks reported in our analytics programs is frightening. In fact, we’d go as far as saying it’s the biggest future challenge organisations will face when it comes to measuring the ROI of their paid digital marketing campaigns. If you are unfamiliar, not all traffic on the web is from...
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WordPress Hacking Vulnerabilities & What You Can Do

WordPress is an awesome platform, with 30% of the internet agreeing enough to host their own website on WordPress. Its open-source technology makes it extremely easy for third parties to create new functionality, which can be bolted onto your site in just a few clicks. However, one of the main drawbacks (which often surprises people)...
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A Guide To London Keyword Negatives In Google Ads

Welcome to London Town – a place notoriously difficult for running & optimising successful PPC campaigns. Assuming you know the basics of Pay-per-Click advertising, let me cut straight to the chase and tell you why picking the right London keyword negatives has never been more important: London has some of the best digital marketers on...
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Who Should Invest In Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is quickly becoming one of the most important weapons in the digital marketing arsenal. In this article, we are going to look into which industries need a CRO specialist & the types of websites who would really benefit from CRO. If you are new to this, here is the CRO definition...
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