Extra Services

Keeping Everything Under One Roof

Digital support

At Brickwork we understand that getting digital right can be hard work – particularly if you aren’t technically minded. Unlike a lot of smaller agencies, we’re proud to offer extra digital support through our own private partnerships & existing freelance relationships. This means we can offer you flexible assistance across many non-marketing disciplines whenever problems arise, we can even manage the whole process for you.


Need help growing the people in your digital or marketing team?

We have skilled people in the Brickwork team with a wealth of recruitment expertise. If you are finding it difficult to hire someone, we are confident we can get 3 quality CVs on your desk for any digital role within 2 weeks. 

In-House Capabilities

The adjacent Recruitment & Training services are always completed by our in-house team. We know where your business is currently operating & believe we can provide great value using our no-nonsense approach.


Informative training workshops designed to up-skill your marketing staff

We have lead many training sessions across Manchester & London, from teaching the basics of Search Engine Optimisation through to understanding platforms like Google Analytics or WordPress CMS.

Outsourced support

Web Development

Either new builds or updates to your existing site are all possible

The talented developer we work with provides quick & cost-efficient support to all Brickwork clients. He is also highly capable working across WordPress, Magento, Shopify & many of the other leading CMS platforms.


We also have design resource for templates, emails & offline activities 

For creative impetus our regular designer can knock-up some truly stunning designs, using the latest HTML5 best practices. Anything that is customer facing can be revamped & worked into a design that converts.  


Need assistance moving your web host or making it perform better?

We are under the impression you have better things to be doing with your time – than speaking to your web host. If this is too technical or you need helping moving a site to a better performing platform, we can do that for you.

 * Please note – apart from our Training Workshops these services are only available for the existing Brickwork client base. However if you become a client, we do believe we now offer a full range of digital services for all your web needs.