7 New Tactics For Marketing Your Gym Business

If you get your marketing right, your fitness business should flourish in this new digital world. Typically, gyms have access to great in-house video content, inspiring success stories and growing email lists of subscribers & member referrals. This is all fantastic stuff, but it does mean a lot of gyms get stuck using the same marketing tactics as each other & don’t experiment with newer marketing strategies when they become available.

A Real Digital Marketing Plan For A Gym In Manchester

  • Send bi-weekly email newsletter through MailChimp, to active list of email subscribers
  • £1.5K marketing spend on Google Ads per month, predominantly targeting people searching for gyms within a 5 mile radius of the branch location
  • Regularly upload short in-gym video footage of members working out & hitting goals. Videos are pushed to all social channels & are sometimes used as paid ads on Instagram or YouTube.
  • Publish two new fitness blogs each month – optimise them for Google and also share them across social media.

Above is what a new startup in the space is doing and there is certainly scope for all this stuff – as it does work. However, these proven methods are extremely typical for gyms all around the Manchester area. There really are a ton of other options for you to consider and to potentially supplement this activity with. The good news is we’ve looked into the industry segment in detail and put this free report together, which outlines 7 new methods for marketing your gym. Let’s dive straight into them.

Paid Pins On Google Maps

Google doesn’t just offer you the opportunity to create ads on their search pages. You can also create a new campaign type where ads specifically show at the top of Google Maps, even above the organic map listings. Not as many advertisers know about this, so the competition is less fierce & your map ads are always guaranteed to be in a prominent position.

Here are two ads in the left panel Of Google Maps


Benefits of Google Maps Ads:

  • Slightly cheaper than normal Google Ads
  • Your pin turns purple on the map image, standing out more
  • Your Ad is more likely to show when someone is closer to your business
  • It’s also a good way to boost your overall Google Reviews, as you are more visible

Advertise To People Exercising With Spotify

Spotify’s paid ad platform has recently got a whole lot smarter, as you can now target based on interests, recent usage activity and even what playlist users are listening to. As an example, this means anyone listening to a ‘gym playlist’ or ‘running playlist’ on their free platform can be served an audio-based ad – as they are working out. This makes the ad creative much more impactful and rememberable, particularly if they are not enjoying their current exercise regime.


Digital Billboards On Heavy Footfall Streets

It’s now much easier to buy advertising slots on digital billboards. If there is a street where your target members visit regularly, you can show digital ads to specific people and at specific times. Your ads could show to people on their lunchbreak, when there is an event nearby or as they are leaving the office.

Benefits of Digital Billboards:

  • You can control the locations down to a street level
  • ‘Smart’ billboards can recognise the age of people walking past
  • Opportunity to hit people when they have free time, with immediate sign-up offers

Text Codes Are Making A Comeback

This older marketing strategy is making a return and it’s a great method if you would rather speak to interested prospects over the phone. You entice new prospects with some form of offer, potentially some free personal training sessions – and for a chance to win they have to text a predetermined mobile code. The beauty here is that you get to acquire the persons mobile number and can ring each person back to organise a viewing of the gym facilities. This is a tactic heavily used by Gold’s gym out in the states but there is no reason why you can’t replicate text codes to market your gym in manchester:


Benefits of Text Codes:

  • They are campaigns that are very easy to recycle during quieter months
  • Competition details can be promoted cheaply on lots of different platforms
  • People who take the time to enter a competition for personal training sessions are clearly interested in improving their fitness

Co-Authored Blog Posts

One of our favourites and a great way to improve your websites SEO. Instead of just writing a blog from your perspective and hoping for the best – get local experts to contribute content to your piece. A blog could be titled ‘The New Age Fitness Regimes That Will Shock You’, here you can have 6 different regimes from subject matter experts, such as:

Nutritionists  ||  Doctors  ||  Local Athletes  || Psychologists  || you get the idea…

Not only will this create content which is more likely to be picked-up by the press, you can then ask the people covered in the article to share it on their own websites & social profiles. It’s a great way to tap into related audiences you haven’t come across before.

Benefits of Co-Authored Blog Posts:

  • Virtually free to try
  • Builds up social proof of your brand & website content
  • If contributors link back to your blog, it does wonders for your SEO
  • Creates a business relationship with relevant cross-sellers, they could be used in the future to promote special offers or different campaigns

Simplify Your Website Structure

This doesn’t mean you have to redesign the website, but you should structure it in a way that is easy to use & showcases everything you do. These days people want so much from a gym – from regular classes to unbeatable facilities and personal training. It’s amazing how many gym websites don’t make it clear to new members what they offer from their homepage, ultimately every popular service area should have its own navigational category.

Here is a web structure from a gym prioritising the pages people care most about


Benefits of Re-organising Your Site:

  • Your websites SEO will benefit from an easy to use navigation
  • Cross-selling services to existing gym members also becomes easier
  • Your website conversion rate is likely to increase from all the marketing activity you are already doing

Targeted Ads Based On Downloaded Apps & Social Followers

The level of ad targeting across social media is stupendous. You are probably already aware that you can target ads based on gender, age & interests. You can take this further by showing ads to people who:

  • Actively follow certain fitness brands or rival gyms
  • Have recently downloaded certain fitness apps to their smartphones
  • Have recently engaged (liked or shared) with specific content on social media

This creates a unique opportunity to show ads to people who are in an active consideration phase. You could use this to shows ads to people who follow a gym that has recently closed down or to show people an ad featuring yoga classes – if they have recently downloaded a yoga app to their smartphone.

Benefits of Highly Targeted Ads:

  • Easier to get in front of people who are ‘in-market’
  • The relevancy of your ad can be much higher, resulting in higher conversions
  • You avoid a lot of ad waste – it’s very easy to spend a fortune on gym ads, which show in front of people who are already very happy with their current gym

We Hope You Found It Useful

At Brickwork, we like working with brands that make a positive difference in people’s lives. Helping and marketing gyms in Manchester is now a core focus area for our agency. We offer all health-based businesses a free discovery session, where we can review your existing marketing & see if there is an opportunity to work together.  Just leave your details on our contact page.