6 New Tactics For Marketing Your Dental Practice

Estimated Read Time 5 Mins

When creating a marketing plan for your dental practice, you have to keep in mind that not many people enjoy their trip to the dentist. You’re much more likely to attract the attention of potential customers when they have a pre-existing need for your service, and this should feed into your marketing. Here we’ll discuss 7 digital marketing tactics you can try with minimal effort, that lots of dental practices are using to grow their base of regular clients.

#1. Target emergency work

If your dental practice offers emergency work or hours then you might want to consider promoting these more heavily. This is particularly true if you are running ads on platforms like Facebook or Google where people type in keywords before any ads are shown. Keywords such as “urgent dental work” or “emergency dentist near me” convert much more strongly than their more generic counterparts, sometimes by as much as three times.

Dental Keyword Costs From Google Keyword Planner

If we look in Google Ads, we can see that the keyword “Emergency Dentist” is the cheapest keyword out of the 3 options. However, it’s also the keyword which is likely to bring in the most new customers – so if you change your campaigns to focus more on this area, you could easily triple your ROI whilst keeping spend the same.  

#2. Invest in online reviews

Having strong online review scores are worth their weight in gold for most dentists. Most prospective clients will only consider a new dentist once they know:

  • How long that practice has been operating
  • What other customers think about the practice
  • Basic information relating to hygiene, waiting times & physical location

Fortunately, there are now several user-generated review platforms, which look for customers to give an open & honest review of services they have used. Some of the more trusted players are TrustPilot, Google Reviews & Feefo.

By signing up to these services, you encourage existing clients to leave you a review which the whole world can see. As more reviews come in, your overall review score will start to build. This information can then be displayed across your website, email footers, social media, advertisements and premises. You’ll quickly find that all of your marketing performs much more strongly when customers can see your reputation with their own eyes – you can even start this for free.

#3. Trial new contact methods

One area dentists underperform most UK businesses, is not giving their customers a range of options to get in contact with them. Lots of dental practices simply use a basic form on their website or a catch-all email address, such as reception@dentalpractice.com. With digital there are now many more options:

  • Telephone Numbers (which can be unique to your marketing campaigns)
  • Live Chat functions
  • Social Media contact pages
  • Request a callback functionality

When marketing your dental practice, the level of interaction someone will need will ultimately depend on how much free time they have & the nature of their problem. By offering multiple contact options, you increase the chances that people will reach out to you & eventually book an appointment. Everything is also now trackable, so after someone clicks an ad – you should be able to tie that into whether they have made any effort to contact your practice.

#4. Try alligator

Alligator is slowly becoming more popular for dental bookings and the team behind it have invested a lot of money into the platform this year. It’s a third party site in which you register your practice with them, they will then offer their users the opportunity to book directly with your practice through their site. You’ll have to be prepared to pay a small commission and also hook up your appointment calendar to their software.

The beauty of Alligator, is that the vast majority of people using the site are not currently signed-up to a dentist. If you impress them, they will likely come to you directly next time!

#5. High intent keywords

Whether you are optimising your website for Google, or running paid online marketing campaigns that use keywords – it’s important to realise that some keywords are better than others. After running the marketing for dentists up and down the country, we keep noticing that the below keywords are the ones which regularly get more new business:

Near Me Searches – dentists nearby

Location Searches – dentists in Leeds

Emergency Searches – urgent dental work needed

One Word Searches – dentist

Appointment Searches – book a dental checkup

Services + Location Searches – teeth whitening London

Online marketing is all about relevancy, and if your website is showing up when somebody searches for the above phrases then there is a much higher chance of getting in front of the correct audience.

#6. Try digital postcards

Dental practice marketing is very much about getting in front of your local audience, this is people who either live or work near your premises. One marketing channel which has dramatically dropped in price is Direct Mail – the concept of sending people physical promotional materials through the post. With digital you can now design mail collateral for free and services such as MailChimp are removing middle-men such as publishing houses and distributors.

We would recommend the Digital Postcards service over at MailChimp. With this service you can:

  • Design small postcards for free, which may feature offer codes or promotional messages
  • Use their ‘address finder’ tool, to set which specific addresses get sent your mail
  • MailChimp will then handle all the production & mailing for you, for around 60p per send

We hope you found this short article useful and that it has provided a couple of ideas to incoporate into your own dental marketing strategy. If your dentist marketing campaigns can get in front of the right local audience with a message that cuts through the noise, then your already gearing yourself up for future success. If you need any further assistance, feel free to leave us a message.