Marketing Plans
When creating a marketing plan for your dental practice, you have to keep in mind that not many people enjoy their trip to the dentist. You’re much more likely to attract the attention of potential customers when they have a pre-existing need for your service, and this should feed into your marketing. Here we’ll discuss...
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Sometimes we are so focused on winning new customers that we forget what we already have. By improving online customer service, you are taking an important step to ensuring your customers stick around for the long-term & continue to contribute to the bottom line. This article explains our favourite online customer service best practices and...
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If you get your marketing right, your fitness business should flourish in this new digital world. Typically, gyms have access to great in-house video content, inspiring success stories and growing email lists of subscribers & member referrals. This is all fantastic stuff, but it does mean a lot of gyms get stuck using the same...
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